Chapters in Books


“A Heritage of Caring,” in Salt & Light, 2nd ed., Andrew Rittenhouse, ed. (Compassion Coalition, 2003).

“I, Eternal Truth, Promise to Refresh You,” chapter fourteen in Shaken by Scandals: Catholics Speak Our About Priests’ Sexual Abuse, Paul Thigpen, ed. (Servant, 2002)

 “Love Compelled Me to Wait,” chapter six in When Only One Converts, Lynn Nordhagen, ed. (Our Sunday Visitor, 2001)

“French-Speaking Catholics and Their Descendants in Savannah,” in One Faith, One Family: The Diocese of Savannah, 1850–2000, Mary Jane BeVard, ed. (Diocese of Savannah, 2000)

 “His Open Arms Welcomed Me,” chapter one in Surprised by Truth, Patrick Madrid, ed. (Basilica, 1995)

 “The Family That Dines Together, Binds Together,” “How to Stimulate Mealtime Conversations,” “Twenty-Five Ways to Teach Kids to Pray,” “Six Reasons to Cultivate Family Traditions,” “Starting Traditions,” “How Children Can Help You Grow in Christ,” in Guiltless Catholic Parenting From A to Y, Bert Ghezzi, ed. (Servant, 1995)