Official website of the Holy See.

The Diocese of Savannah

The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, Savannah, Georgia

The Georgia Martyrs
My heroes.

Our Sunday Visitor, Inc.

The Catholic Answer

The Coming Home Network

The Catholic Encyclopedia
Old, but wise.

The Christian Classics
Entire books you can download. The Catholic texts alone are enough to keep you reading for a long, long time.

The EWTN Library
Lots of useful stuff, including Vatican documents.

Biblical Evidence for Catholicism
Dave Armstrong's huge and hugely helpful apologetics site.

Christendom College
My daughter is an alumna — what a fine Catholic institution!

The Code of Canon Law
Not great bedtime reading, but if you have questions about Canon Law, here it is.

Catholic Answers
Karl Keating and Co. Great help for the serious apologist and the beginner, too.

Patron Saints Index
A good place to learn about the saints.

Catholic and Enjoying It!
Mark Shea's blogspot. A pioneering Catholic blogger who remains one of the best-witty and provocative.
Almost as good as his blog!

Heart, Mind & Strength Weblog
Greg Popcak and Co. Lots of helpful insights here.

Open Book
Amy Welborn's blogspot. Great stuff.

The Crossroads Initiative
A ministry of Catholic resources from Dr. Marcellino D'Ambrosio

Catholic news and commentary.

Your faith. Your life. Your world.