Theology & Scripture

· "His Blood Be on Us and Our Children"
Introduction to The Passion: Reflections on the Suffering and Death of Jesus Christ

· Christ's Vision of the Church's Trials
Chapter 4 of The Passion: Reflections on the Suffering and Death of Jesus Christ

· How Faithful to the Gospel Is The Passion of the Christ?

· Same-Sex Unions: A Catholic Response

· "Seething Like the Sea"
Our need for peace with God.

· "Those Poisonous Little Reptiles"
Threats to peace with ourselves.

· "Hate the Disease, Not the Patient"
Finding God's perspective on conflict.

· Are You on Speaking Terms With God?
How to experience His forgiveness more fully.

· "My Immaculate Heart Will Triumph"
Distinctives of contemporary Catholic apocalyptic thought.

· Are You Falling Away?
Three warning signs.

· "Blessed Are the Pure in Heart, for They Shall See God"
What exactly is purity of heart?

· Keeping a Clear Conscience
A strategy for self-examination.

· "I Am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End"
At the beginning and end of history stands the One who is its center.

· "Lead Us Not into Temptation"
Would God actually tempt us?

· Loving God, Fearing God
Can we really do both at the same time?

· "No Royal Road to Wisdom"
If we want to be lifelong learners, we must first learn to be humble.

· Our Joyful God
An invitation to share in the loving delight of the Blessed Trinity.

· Returning Thanks
Twelve ways to cultivate a grateful heart.

· Seeing Christ Incognito
When we serve those He loves, we discover the joy of serving Jesus Himself.

· Four Healthy Herbs for the Soul
Treat your spiritual ills with a good dose of reflection on death, judgment, hell and heaven.

· To Set the Captives Free
What happens when you fail to forgive?

· Walking With a Limp
A meditation on Jacob's wrestling match with God.

· Where's the Fire?
Sustaining a love for God that lasts a lifetime.

· You Can't Run With Rocks in Your Pockets
What are the spiritual weights that slow us down?

· "O Come, Let Us Adore Him!"
An invitation to adoration.

· The Silences of God

· Where's the Joy?
It may be closer than you think.

· Why Pray for the Dead?
Helping our loved ones get ready for heaven