For the “Little People,” Before the Blessed Sacrament

For the "Little People,"
Before the Blessed Sacrament

Tiny round God
weak and small, You could fit in my hand, yet
all the span of the universe cannot contain You
all the powers of the cosmos cannot resist You.
You have made Yourself like those
who are close to Your heart.

I carry them here with me today:
the "little people"
invisible to the mighty but not to the Almighty.
The world reckons them a zero:
without wealth, without power,
without name, without face,
without arms, without voice.

But You too, Lord, are a Zero
a white, wheaten Cipher
a Figure on whom
they have failed to reckon.

When Your foes seek to multiply
You will invade their equation
and bring them to naught:
You will nullify their pride
annihilate their power
annul their schemes
of domination.
But those of lowly degree
You will stand beside
to magnify.

Tiny round God
blessed are You
who gather the poor
into the Ring of Your riches
the empty
into the Cup of Your fullness
the weak
into the Crown of Your might
the sorrowing
into the Circle of Your dance.
Blessed are You
encompassing Your people
without beginning, without end,
in Your love.

© 2001 by Paul Thigpen