Angels in the Air The A, B, Cs of Christmas

Angels in the Air
The A, B, Cs of Christmas
Paul Thigpen

For Lydia Marie, our firstborn — her coming gave Christmas a whole new meaning

© 1986 by Paul Thigpen

Angels in the air arrayed;

in Bethlehem a Babe is laid.

Cattle crowd in close beside

a Donkey dusty from the ride.

An Eastern star bathes earth with light;

below a Fire warms up the night.

God gives His Gift, the Lord of grace,

with Hay a halo 'round His face.

Incense sweet a wise man brings;

Joseph, joyful, gently sings.

Kings before this King bow down

while little Lambs leap all around.

Mary magnifies her Lord

as Nightingales sing out a chord.

Olive trees chant in the wind:

"Peace on earth, good will to men!"

Quarreling shepherds silent fall as

Royal heralds sound a call:

"Songs of joy, all nations raise!

Trumpets, bells, and strings of praise!

The Universe in harmony:

Valleys, mountains, sky and sea!

Wake and sing, the good news share

- glad eXulation everywhere!

Young Lord Jesus, we adore,

Zion's King forevermore!"

+ + +