Guest of the Animals The 1, 2, 3s of Christmas

Guest of the Animals
The 1, 2, 3s of Christmas
Paul Thigpen

For my mother — her love wrapped all my childhood Christmases with Joy

© 1986 by Paul Thigpen

Guest of the animals, One little Boy,

Jesus in the manger that the donkey shares.

Two shining faces, wrapped in wondering joy;

Mary and Joseph whisper grateful prayers.

Three royal gifts from the Wise Men's hands,

treasures of incense, gold and myrrh.

Four tired camels from distant lands,

dust of the deserts caked on their fur.

Five frisky lambs in the warm firelight,

peeking through the shadows, curious but shy.

Six sleepy shepherds, puzzled at the sight,

mumbling of messengers who shone across the sky.

Seven angels saying, "Peace on earth, good will!"

singing of a Savior in David's town.

Eight old oxen, napping on a hill,

never even noticing excitement all around.

Nine neighbor children, wakened by a cry,

crowding close to catch a word of what the grownups say.

Ten tuckered travelers hear a lullaby,

fall asleep not knowing that their Lord is on the hay.

+ + +